Farm and Garden

Hurrah- We are finally ready to have our friends and community join in the fun to create our community mini-farm! Yup, we are still bare dirt but we have electric onsite, a well and a road so we are ready to work as a community and get started making our patch of land into a farm and a home.

  • You can join the and help community garden
  • You can rent a microfarm space for your own crop
  • You can even live on the farm -we even have free spaces for work exchange help!

Located near the Pickards Mountain Eco Institute and Honeysuckle Tea House, this 4 acre mini farm will be surrounded by a wonderful community of neighbors.

This is a farm cooperative and is created by the amazing community who join in to help. …and just think of how much you will save in food




that the pictures included in this posting are the VISION of the farm and what we will be working toward in the next couple of months. Right now the images of just land is similar to what the farm currently looks like.

Interested in living on the Farm?

If you would like to actually live on the farm we have a special program with options for you to join the farm cooperative: you can either rent a space at the farm or get a FREE Space!

And… We have FREE TINY HO– USE SPACES available! These spaces are for a few amazing, talented people who have the skills and willingness to work in trade to help get the farm from bare dirt to garden sanctuary! If you have skills in framing, plumbing, electrical, farming, building, or have other potential talents let us know and we may be able to work in trade for lot rent!

You have many options; you can just work the land as a microfarm on your space or you can put a Tiny House, Yurt, or Campers Cabin on your farm space where you will have access to your own garden area to create a micro-farm.

We will be building a community greenhouse, community chicken coop and other amenities. This is an organic style farm and uses chemical-free sustainable practices.

You must actually attempt to create a crop to participate in this program and be part of helping with the community farm garden each month.

As a community farmworker you will also be required to help with community farm projects. This helps bring amazing projects to the farm such as the greenhouse and chickens for everyone to enjoy. Each lot is newly cleared so you can create your own
garden designs.

To learn more click on the Tiny House Tab on our website.

A few of our future projects for Spring 2016:


Aquaculture + Hydroponics = Aquaponics

The combination of two traditional, yet innovative farming processes, aquaponics brings the best of both to our small-scale, sustainable farm environment. An aquatic habitat friendly to fish and other freshwater species creates an environment suitable for hydroponic farming. Crops are grown with this nutrient rich, soil-less water as the growing medium. Waste from the aquatic wildlife provides the nutrients to the plants’ roots. By filtering the waste products from the aquatic environment, the plants, in turn, create clean healthy water for the fish and other aquatic animals.

Small-scale, symbiotic, sustainable

At Wildwoods Farm, our aquaponics system features (xyz crops and xyz fish) in a (number) square foot area. Participants are given the opportunity to raise fish for beauty and/or for food and are educated in the system’s purpose of growing food in their own home in a sustainable way. The Aquaponics system is a great way for children to learn the art of farming in reference to the involvement of science and technology. It teaches children about the biological system through its common sense method and the study of relations. Your child(ren) will learn new examples to the term “teamwork”, which they can apply to their everyday lives.

Interested in learning more? Call/email  for more information and project times so you can become involved in the aquaponics system process.


Worms at work

Help Build Wiggle’s House!

Wiggle needs a home, volunteer with us on build day to give wiggle and his friends a home and enjoy a celebration at the farm! There are 3 ways to help!

  • Donate
  • Volunteer
  • Materials Wishlist

Many of you are familiar with composting, but you may be wondering “What on earth is vermicomposting?”
Vermi = the Latin for “Worm.
Composting + Worms = Vermicomposting

Happy worms and Happy soil