Community Farm and Garden: Join our Volunteer Days in the Garden…

Our EVENTS SCHEDULE is always posted on The Triangle Community Garden Meetup. You can join and even get notices of our potlucks, garden parties and build days!

Pond Explorers:

Explore local ponds while learning about local plants and wildlife. This volunteer group explores and gathers small pond plants to start the new pond at Wildwoods farm. This group will have the opportunity to start the pond from scratch and be part of creating a permeant educational space for the entire community to enjoy. Each Pond Explorer who contributes a certain number of hours will get founders brick carved with their name.

Plant Cutting Club:

Our little farm has lots of dirt that needs plants to create a beautiful garden for everyone to enjoy. The Plan Cutting Club is a group of people who simply gather cuttings from local neighbors and gardens who are willing to donate a few cuttings to get the farm gardens started. The Cuttings Club will snip small sections and then care for them until the roots grow. The new plants will then be planted in the gardens on the farm.

Build Days:

Learn to build unique and sustainable farm structures everything from composting outhouses; greenhouses and barns to sustainable housing like Tiny Homes and Earth building!